Secure Mobile Package

Control Panel

Convenient Color Touchscreen
Easy as 1-2-3
Enjoy peace of mind from a user-friendly control panel that makes home security as simple as it should be.

24-Hour Dispatcher Support
With us, you’re never home alone
When your system is activated, one of our specially trained home safety dispatchers responds within seconds. If your child is home alone, we’ll calmly guide them through whatever the situation may be.

Crash and Smash Security
The kids are safe, no matter what
Criminals don’t stand a chance, even if they remove and completely destroy the panel because your system will still signal for help.


Vector Icon of Flame Fire in Orange Gradient

Did You Know?
Every Alliance package comes standard with our firefighter smoke monitoring device.
Fires don’t discriminate and we think it’s important that every home is covered.
Think you’re safe? Here’s what you should know about home fires.

Mobile Access

Equipment Details



glass break_500x500








Criminal Entry Sensors
When one door closes…
Another may open.  Either way, you’ll know with these undetectable contacts that mount in any window or door frame (even if it’s that cabinet you don’t want your kids to get into when you’re not home”



Criminal-in-Motion Detector
They move, they lose
Sensors will pick up someone lurking inside your home–providing added security in bedroom hallways. Rest easy knowing your kids are safe.



“Glass Shattering Criminal” Sensor
You’re safe, through sound.
If your kids are home alone and someone breaks a window, your system will instantly activate to prevent harm from happening. That’s because it recognizes the sound of breaking glass.



Stay-At-Home Firefighter
Always watching over your family.
You’re all over the place, even when your home.  This responsive smoke detector “lends a hand” when multitasking makes you forget about dinner cooking on the stove.



Keyless Entry
Buttons for life’s pressing demands. 
Finally, you can now arm/disarm your system while juggling bags of groceries.  With customizable button control, you can feel safer returning to a well-lit home at night or by simply having a panic button at your disposal.


Detail-Oriented Installation
Obsessed with keeping your household safe
Give less than 2 hours of your time. In return, secure lasting peace of mind while your kids are home alone—thanks to a professionally installed system that addresses every vulnerable nook and cranny around your home.


The Alliance Triple Advantage

Only Available Through Alliance Security!

Comparing Alarm Systems For Suburban Neighborhoods

See how Alliance compares to other home security system offers in the industry.

Alliance VIVINT
5 Diamond Certified Monitoring
Color Touchscreen Panel ✔* ✔*
Wireless Communication ✔*
Two-Way Voice
Mobile Control ✔*
Severe Weather Alerts
$0 Upfront Equipment Cost
1 Hour Window Guarantee
$500 Deductible
Included Fire Protection

*optional paid updgrade

We would like to introduce you to our
Secure Mobile Package

a complete home security solution for your home

Our most popular Mobile Control Package, giving you everything you need to stay in control of your family’s safety. Keep an eye on your home with mobile access that allows you to remotely control your system at all times.

What’s Included:

Simple Solutions Powerful Services Add-Ons
color touchscreen panel
3 points of entry
1 motion detector*
1 Firefighter smoke communicator
1 keyfob remote control
cellular communication
battery backup
yard sign
window stickers
24/7/365 award winning monitoring
free mobile app
real-time mobile alerts
severe weather warnings
two-way voice communication
crash and smash protection
$500 deduction coverage**
1 hour installation window**
powered door locks
smart thermostat
light control module
video monitoring

* can be substituted for 1 glassbreak sensor, speak with an Alliance Rep to see which is best for your home. ** see our terms of services page for additional information

No Hidden Fees
No Surprises
No Worries

Learn More: Secure Mobile

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